Building A Brand People Love: Create Real Value

Last week, I spoke at TechCocktail’s Mixology Conference in Chicago about Creativity & the Importance of Building a Brand People Love.

Before the audience Q&A, we discussed the top five things that a business should do to build its brand identity:

1. deliver value

2. know who you are

3. differentiate from your competition

4. have a voice and personality

5. build a strong identity

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll write or video blog about each of these and share our experience at crowdspring both in building our own brand and helping thousands of companies around the world build (or rebuild) their brands.

Today, in the first of this five-part series … a few words about delivering value.

Young entrepreneurs starting a business often ask how they can improve the odds that their startup or small business will succeed. While there are many different things that they should do, one of the most important is to create real value.

Find a simple, elegant, and/or creative way to solve a common problem. I talk about creating value in the following short (2 minutes, 36 seconds) video.

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