Search Engine Optimization Tips For Startups

Search engine optimization (SEO) can provide low cost opportunities for a startup to market its products and/or services. However, many startup founders don’t appreciate the difficulty of executing an effective SEO strategy when you have a new company and a new domain. There are SEO experts, of course, and some are outstanding (follow Danny Sullivan on Twitter or read his blog – – if you’d like to learn more about SEO).  Many professionals will warn you that there are many SEO “experts” who give the SEO industry a bad name (just as there are bad designers, lawyers, doctors, cops, etc.).

Startups – especially bootstrapped startups – typically don’t have funds to hire SEO experts and must find ways to execute SEO strategies on their own. That’s what we’ve had to do with crowdPSRING. We committed at the end of 2008 to learn as much as we can about SEO and to see what we could do on our own. After reading thousands of posts, making hundreds of mistakes, and tweaking our strategy nonstop throughout the past year, we managed to end 2009 with a respectable PR 7 on Google – as a 20 month old company.

In the following video, I share five tips to help you with your own SEO strategy. These tips reflect what we did at crowdSPRING in trying to execute an SEO strategy with no budget. In the video, I recommend a book about SEO – here’s a link if you’re interested – Search Engine Optimization for Dummies (by Bruce Clay and Susan Esparza).