Standing out from the Crowd in the Gallery

If you are a creative, you know the galleries in projects can be filled with page after page of designs, and everyone is trying to stand out from the crowd.  There are several techniques you can use to display your designs that may help draw the eye of the buyer and the decision makers on their team.

First, you need to start with your brilliant design idea. Next – display your concept in a way that will capture attention. Here are a few ideas…


For logo projects, it is important that your design is versatile enough to work wherever a company will want to use it. The design will need to work on the web, in print, and on many other types of collateral.

For true flexibility, show that the logo can work in color, on a dark background and light background, and in back and white.

The Watermark

If the project includes stationery, show how part or all of the logo design can be used as a watermark. This can help the buyer envision how the design can be used in creative ways and encourage brand recognition.


Some of the best design work is simple, simple, simple. Show the design broken down  to the barest minimum. Adding a background can also help the design stand out in a gallery with a lot of white backgrounds.

Add Bling

Once you have the basic design, show how it can be jazzed up with drop shadows, gloss effects, blur techniques, and colored or patterned backgrounds.

Show it in Action

Show the design as it would be used on an app, on a billboard, on top of the website, or on the side of a truck. It’s a little extra step that can help the buyer see how the design would work in real-world situations rather than just in a gallery.

Give it a Spin

Show the business name as it wold look from a different point of view, like flying over it. This type of distortion adds excitement to the design.

Small. Just small.

Will the design be recognizable at any size? Will it translate from far away or as a tiny picture placed in the web browser as a favicon? Shrink it down right there in the gallery and show off its tiny majesty.


What techniques have you seen or used that help designs look fabulous in the gallery?