Standards of Conduct For Buyers – We Want YOUR Input!

crowdSPRING is building the world’s most awesome community of creatives. To build a world-class community, we must all come together as a community and respect each other and people who visit this community. Earlier this year, after an excellent discussion in our community, we adopted Standards of Conduct for Creatives.

We’ve been working to draft a version for buyers and finally have a draft with which we’re happy.

We want your input!

Please suggest additions, changes, etc. We’re discussing the draft standards for buyers in our forums and would appreciate your input in that discussion. We will keep the forum thread open for 10 days (until October 24) and will then review input from all, finalize the standards of conduct, and publish them on crowdSPRING. We will provide each new buyer with a copy of these standards when they register and will make the standards accessible at all times by everyone.

This is your chance to help us define what conduct is or is not appropriate for buyers in our community. Please leave your constructive comments, and invite your friends and buyers on crowdSPRING to provide their comments too. We hope to have a good discussion about these standards. They will affect all of you and this is your chance to work with us to shape them.

DRAFT Standards of Conduct for Buyers

These standards of conduct were developed in collaboration with the crowdSPRING community and this community expects every buyer on crowdSPRING to follow it.

1.1 Provide consistent and constructive feedback to as many of the entries in your project as humanly possible. You have our solemn oath that this will result in better entries to your project.

1.2 Select your winning design(s) within 7 days after your project ends.

1.3 Never violate the intellectual property rights of another person and never, ever ask someone else to. Everything on the site is owned by the person who originally created it until it’s bought and paid for.

1.4 Never ask one creative to use a concept introduced by another creative. When a creative submits a unique idea, we respect and protect that idea.

1.5 Please be nice in private and public communications. Don’t be mean, nasty, malicious, obnoxious or otherwise unpleasant to another user no matter how much they may deserve it.

1.6 Always be honest.