Small business and startup issues: choosing the wrong software

More than ever, small businesses and startups must execute and bring their software-based products or services to market quickly. As Groupon has demonstrated, there is often (but not always) a huge first-to-market advantage.

One risk of moving fast involves selecting software technologies that allow you to bring your products/services to market quickly, but that ultimately may not easily scale to accomodate increasing traffic.

Of course, you always should strive to pick the best technologies. But what if you make a mistake? What should you do if the software technology you pick doesn’t work for you later on?

We struggled with this issue at crowdSPRING in 2009 and completely refactored 100% of our code by the end of 2009, moving from PHP to Python. It was not a fun process.

I hope you never have to go through anything remotely similar. But if you find yourself in a situation similar to ours – here are five suggestions for what you should do when you find that your existing technology just isn’t good enough.

Do you have other suggestions, based on your experience?