Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Nurturing Wisdom



I love finding great businesses on the site from our stomping grounds – Chicago. This next business has done so well in Chicago they’re expanding to San Francisco and adding new services! Nurturing Wisdom is an in-home tutoring service based on the belief that education should be tailored to the student.

Pari Schacht started Nurturing Wisdom in 2005. Since then, it has grown to offer in-home tutoring for the ACT & SAT, music lessons, high school entrance exam prep and Academic enrichment programs.


The gals over at Nurturing Wisdom posted a projecton cS for a t-shirt design for their admin team. The deadline has been extended until Tuesday, so get designing creatives!I had the opportunity to speak with Sonja Field, the Administrative Coordinator at Nurturing Wisdom, and here is what she has to share with you…

1.  How did you get things designed before crowdSPRING?

We hired either friends or professional designers. We made attempts to design the shirts ourselves, but our designs looked hideous. 🙂 The thought of wearing the shirts we had attempted to design was just too bleak of a reality to face, so we turned to crowdSPRING!

2.  Why in the world did you decide to use crowdSPRING?!

We’d heard about crowdSPRING, thought it was a really interesting and exciting idea, and always wanted to test it out. It really seemed like a win-win situation for both the customers and the designers. Before we joined, we worried that nobody would submit anything, and when we saw that we would get our money back if we weren’t satisfied, we thought, Why not! The shirts were a great way to test out the cS approach, to see if we could use it for bigger projects.

3.  What’s the single best small biz resource that you’ve found (magazine, website, blog, etc.)?

Gmail is the big one. We have our gmail apps, we’re obsessed with google calendar, and we use gchat all the time. We also love Wufoo for its incredibly user-friendly interface.

4.  If your best friend told you they were going to start a business, what’s the ONE piece of advice you’d give them?
Follow your passion. Starting a business is challenging, so if you’re not doing what you love, you will be less motivated to overcome all of those challenges. If you’re pursuing what you genuinely care about, it will show and your business will grow.