Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Key West Seaplanes

Do you puke on planes?

If you get a little queasy in anything with motion, then listen up because I just got some excellent info from Key West Seaplanes, a start-up service in Key West that has a project running on crowdSPRING right now.

So here’s the deal with this new adventure in Key West: they will operate a seaplane service from Key West, FL to the Dry Tortugas National Park, an unpopulated island 60 miles west. They cater primarily to the tourist market and their flights last about 45 minutes each way, and consist of low altitude sightseeing with the passengers spending 2 1/2 hours on the island.

Apparently this low altitude flying is key to ensuring a pleasant and puke-free experience.  Nick, from Key West Seaplanes gave me a huge tip – “we fly at 500 feet above the water.  Since the air over water is very smooth, motion sickness is very, very rare on the 40 minute trip. The occasional bad feelings are normally caused by the great nightlife the evening before.” Note to self: if I’m ever in Key West, I will 1. definitely try out Key West Seaplanes and 2. not drink the night before.

Nick also let me know since the flight is at low altitude its easy to see sharks, rays, dolphin and a couple of shipwrecks. The passangers get 2 1/2 hours to swim, snorkel, sun bathe or explore the civil war era fort.

A new start-up not quite launched yet, Key West Seaplanes lacks a brand identity.  When asking other friends who recently started their own companies, the overwhelming response was – check out crowdSPRING.

So, this cool start-up service’s brand is now in your hands, crowdSPRING creatives.  And who knows, if you knock their socks off, maybe you’ll get the website design next! Who wouldn’t want to participate in this –  they’re going to be using this logo design on their planes, t-shirts and other nick-nacks so the next time you’re in Key West you may see a handful of tourists walking around with a t-shirt of the logo you designed!

Check out the designs they’re getting in, and here’s one more tip, they’re looking for major diversity in the entries so make sure yours stands out from the ones already up there.  Join this project now!