Small Business Spotlight of the Week

DeParis Redinger

At just two people, DeParis Redinger is a boutique investment banking firm doing a lot more than just investment banking. Naturally, when I came across their posted project for a web design on crowdSPRING I was intrigued and had to do some research and find out what they were all about and it’s extremely innovative.

Having background working with a huge company such as Microsoft, DPR offers two main services: mergers and acquisitions on the buying and selling side and strategic consulting. Recognizing the huge shift on the importance of online media DeParis Redinger sits down and discusses with you how important different aspects of new technology such as social networking and blogging can really benefit you and your company.

They understand the importance of small businesses and strive to help them in any way possible but they also focus on acquisition strategies and find effective ways for your company to expand in the right directions.

This was so innovative I had to contact Kyle Redinger at DeParis Redinger and ask him some important questions about his business so far and this is what he had to share:

1.    Before crowdSPRING, what method did you use for creative service work?

We used a freelance designer who did some great work for us.  She recently took a full-time job at a design firm and didn’t have the time to design for us outside of her work schedule.

2.    What made you decide to use crowdSPRING?

Given our focus on digital media, we’ve admired crowdSPRING for a while.  Adam Healey, CEO of Hotelicopter and a friend, recently used crowdSPRING it to redesign their logo.  They had a positive experience sourcing logo designs
and he recommended it to us.  Compared with design firms, crowdSPRING delivers a lot more bang for the buck and gives you a whole lot more choice.

3.    What is your small business bible?  As in, what is a must-read every day for all small business owners and employees?

For us, we gain the most knowledge and experience from our advisors.  Our mentors guide us, offer us ideas, challenge our thoughts and help us think more clearly about how to make things happen.

4.    If your best friend told you they wanted to start a business and asked for your best piece of advice, what would it be?

In our line of work that’s a frequent request.  We tell them that Microsoft didn’t win the desktop wars because they made a really good OS; it was because they were the best salespeople.