Small Business Spotlight of the Week

end povertee

I just love when I find a project posted on our site from a company that is just an amazing feel-good.  And this company mixes fashion with the feel-good.  To me, it doesn’t get any better than that! end povertee® clothing line was created as a platform that would inspire, bring awareness and empower every one of its customers to make an impact to reduce extreme poverty in our Global family.

Every time you purchase end povertee® tees and products 50% of the net profits raised from the sale of the goods is given directly to charities/organizations working to eradicate extreme poverty. The money is used to provide a variety of basic needs including; education, food, shelter, clean water and proper medical supplies.

When you wear their stylish and sweatshop-free t-shirts not only do you look good on the outside but you feel great on the inside knowing that your purchase changed the life of someone living in extreme poverty. How cool is that? And making a logo design for them is even cooler.

I recently asked Jenni Young of end povertee about their business and needs and here’s what she had to say:

1.     Before crowdSPRING, what method did you use for creative service work?

In the past, I was part of creating several websites for films etc and I would find creatives to do work through networking with friends, co-workers or posting ads to craigslist.

2.     What made you decide to use crowdSPRING?

While we were in the beginning stages of the launching the business, the web designers kept giving us ideas for logos but nothing seemed to fit.  We never had the wow moment of THIS IS IT!  When we were just about to choose any logo, assuming we needed to make a decision and move forward…we happened upon the crowdSPRING website.  I don’t even remember how we found it but when we did…we thought wow!  This could be the answer to our problem.  We looked around other projects… got so excited and listed the logo ad immediately! Approximately one week later…we had the moment of saying…WOW that’s our logo!

3.     What is your small business bible?  As in, what is a must-read every day for all small business owners and employees?

As a small business I wish I had more time to read everything but I don’t.  I depend a lot on friends who have small businesses for advice.  I do keep up with and love Entrepreneur magazine, which I have been reading for over 20 years.  I also read my daily dose of affirmations from Neale Donald Walsch to keep me on a positive note and moving forward fearlessly.

4.    If your best friend told you they wanted to start a business and asked for your best piece of advice, what would it be?

1) Make sure it is something you are very very passionate about…it could take a very long time to reap any type of financial benefit.   2) Make sure it has something new to offer your customers.  3) Make sure that your company makes it a priority to give back to the community in some way!

Oh and Jenni wanted to make sure we gave a great shout out to the winning creative – Great job YuSee Grafisch!