What if Microsoft Created The iPod?

Most people agree that great design more easily captures attention than poor design.

For example, when Apple originally released the iPod – the iPod didn’t have the features of the Creative Labs MP3 players, or even the Microsoft Zune. In fact, many MP3 players today have more features than the iPod – but only a tiny fraction of the iPod’s market share. Yet Apple quickly swallowed up most of the market share for MP3 player sales.

There are many reasons for Apple’s success with the iPod. Among those reasons – it’s a great product that works really well. It’s also simple and elegant to use.

Apple’s iPod design carries through to its packaging design – very simple, coordinated, and focused. At a time when it’s competitors were touting FM tuners and lots of bells and whistles, Apple made its case by minimizing the marketing noise and focusing attention on the product itself – including in its packaging.

Most other companies would have marketed the iPod very differently. For example, here’s an interesting look at possible packaging for a Microsoft iPod:

As you think about your company’s products and services, consider whether your message is pure and simple or complicated and confusing. As the video shows – the difference is enormous.