Small Business Marketing: Best Times And Days To Send Email For Opens And Click-Throughs

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for small businesses to keep in touch with customers. It is inexpensive and, if done properly, can build brand awareness, loyalty, and increase sales. Email marketing also plays an important role in content marketing.

We use several vendors for email marketing, including Campaign Monitor and MailChimp – we recommend both services.

According to MailChimp, more people open email during the day than at night (analysis of over a billion emails). As you can see in the MailChimp chart below, open rates peak in the afternoon and trail off in the evening.

The day of the week when you send your emails is also important. Email opens tend to peak Tuesday through Thursday and then trail off.


Keep in mind that email open rates depend on many factors, including the industry. For example, people typically open more travel related emails than emails from e-commerce vendors, as seen in this graphic from Campaign Monitor.


Email marketing software provider GetResponse analyzed 21 million messages sent from U.S. accounts in early 2012 and found some interesting data on email open rates, as seen in the following Infographic: