Small Biz Spotlight of the Week

This is the first of many blog entries to come, which will feature some of the companies using crowdSPRING. 


What happens when a company whose business is all about helping clients build their brand needs some branding of their own?  For Divercity, an urban, multicultural advertising agency headquartered in New York City, they quickly realized that branding oneself might just be the hardest task they’ve had to face yet.  So, in the true spirit of two heads are better than one, they decided they’d like to get as much input as possible on this important project.  If their brand isn’t one of the coolest and most relatable brands ever made, why would their clients trust them with theirs?

Divercity is now checking out crowdSPRING, which seems to fit perfectly with their philosophies of always having an unlimited network of freelancers on board to ensure you squeeze every ounce of creative juice from as many different and diverse people as possible in order to ultimately obtain that perfect logo design.

It will be very interesting to see what this group of young, energetic city dwelling marketers chooses to brand themselves.  Will these six branding powerhouses that brand the likes of the Virginia Lottery, American Cancer Society, Crown Royal and the American Heart Association pick the right logo for themselves?  When speaking with Divercity’s CEO, Ron Payton, he shared a little advice for picking that perfect logo, saying:

My advice is make sure you’re design is simplistic, iconic and an accurate representation of your company’s culture. Always, think outside the box….get as many creatives on the job as possible and keep an open mind!

To follow the progress of this project, or to participate in creating Divercity’s new logo, visit Divercity’s logo design project on crowdSPRING.

Let us know what you think!  Give your opinion on what logo you think they should pick.