Six Words Of Advice From Our Small Biz Community

Each week, we ask small business founders and owners to distill their advice to new entrepreneurs into six words, as part of our Small Business Spotlight series. What we’ve learned–besides many pearls of wisdom– is that you guys are pretty darn pithy.

From witty to practical, here quite a few of our favorites:


Start now, not later. Tell everyone.

-Founder, Allen Burt, of EpicThrills.

“Dear sweet Jesus, don’t do it!!” Just kidding – how about “Choose the reality, not the fantasy.”

-Dr. Pete of 30G030.

Always think two steps ahead.

-Founder, Jamie Beckland,  of BookTurtle.

Keep focused and don’t get impatient.

-Co-founder, Scott Mercer, of Volta Industries.

Work hard and bring your checkbook.

-Co-owner, Linda Nyman, of Penn Brewery. 

Trust your imagination, ignore the noise.

-Co-founder, Harry Knapp, of Milk and Media Studios.

Question everything; believe in your mission.

-Chief Square, Kimberly Crupi-Dobbins, of Simple Squares.

Don’t be afraid to iterate, excessively.

-Kevin Cain, CTO,  of Slikc.

Plan smart. Implement smarter. Good luck.

-Heather Whaling, Principle, of Geben Communications.

Think of it as your child

-Founder, Liz Fanning, of CorpsAfrica.

Start now, everything takes longer than-expected.

-Nick Yecke of  PV Power. (Ed. Note: some grammatical liberties were taken with this one.)

Seek professional help early and often.

-Co-founder, Jon Poland, of Crowdegy.

Never set limits. Explore your options

-Owner, Niall Martin, of NuCrepes.

Don’t wallow in the small stuff.

-Co-owner, Scott Fitterman, of Coupon Cactus

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