Rock on!

Creative opportunities for regular folks just keep getting better. A few weeks ago, I wrote about a site that allows artists, designers, students, skateboarders – really anyone with a creative urge – to upload designs for skateboard decks and compete against one another to have their design put in production by Popdeck (and a cash payout to boot!)

Now we have another cool site: is sponsoring the “Battle of the Boroughs.” Here is a site where any New York-based band can enter to compete against other NY bands for fun, prizes, and fame. Bands can upload their tracks and users can vote for the ones they like best. The top 50 vote-getters will advance into the first round of the “real” competition.

Then the fun starts: three rounds, thirteen live shows at venues around NYC, and all of it streamed live (through a partnership with on the kicknote site! Others are joining in the collaboration as well: JuiceCaster will be making the contest available live through mobile devices and will also allow artists to lifecast on-the-go from their phones as the Battle takes place. Myxer will be helping Kicknote mobilize archived video & photo content as well as create ringtones for artists in the competition. Eyespot will be allowing fans to make mashups & Battle remixes of their favorite performances using cutting-edge online video editing technology. This is democracy in action, grassroots entertainment, people-driven creativity! Artists do not have to be subject to record company gatekeepers and audiences can participate in a rich and meaningful way.