Not Too Proud To Say “We’re Sorry”

We just went through one of the most humbling experiences for our company since we launched in May 2008. We experienced serious site performance problems. While our team (and numerous consultants on several continents) worked around the clock, it took us some time to identify the root causes of the problems and to fix them.

We realize that the performance issues made it very difficult to use the site. We did our very best to communicate about our efforts to solve the problems (in this blog, via email and on Twitter).

Yesterday, we believe we turned the corner and got a handle on the problems. Today, we sent the following email to our community of creatives:

Next week, I’ll have a detailed post (or series) explaining the problems and our efforts to solve them. We want others to learn from this experience and we’re happy to share.

We believe in transparency. The response from our community to that email has been truly wonderful.

We love our community. And we take every opportunity to let our community know this.