New crowdSPRING policy in LOGO projects!

Hi All,

For a long time now, many Creatives in our community have wanted to submit entries to logo design projects showing their design on various “collateral” items, such as tee shirts, hats, packaging, business cards, etc. Until now, we have not permitted this, because we felt it was unfair to other creatives who could submit ONLY logos.

After listening to our community, we’ve decided that all our creatives should be able  to illustrate their logo design using it in a “real life” application. In order to keep this fair and the playing field leveled,we will make available to everyone a package of templates which can be used for this purpose. The package includes a template for a stationery, a van, a baseball hat, a shopping bag, tee shirts and a lot more…

The templates are also available in the Participate Now page and  in the Creative Tips page.

Here are the new rules:

1) Entries in logo projects may be presented on “collateral” materials as a way of displaying how it would look. For consistency, we prefer if you use the templates we provide, but we don’t mind if you use your own template.

2) Creative may not imply or explicitly offer extra work outside of the scope of the project.

3) Buyers may not request additional work outside the scope of their projects as long as the project remains unawarded. If they wish to do request additional work, buyers can now increase the award directly in the wrapup tab and a price for the additional work can be negotiated between the buyer and the winning creative at that time.

4) Please do not flood a project by posting the logo on each and every template. Make sure it fits with the buyer’s project.

Of course, because we are now allowing collateral to be submitted in projects, please do not report violations for collateral used in Logo projects….

We hope this will help you win more projects and interact even more professionally with your great buyers!

Jerome cS