Nerdfighters Build a Community of Awesome

Last week, I attended LeakyCon here in Chicago with my daughter and her best friend. LeakyCon is a conference for Harry Potter fans, and much, much, more. One of the panels we went to was run by John & Hank Green, a.k.a. the VlogBrothers, and creators of many things awesome. They are also the founders of the community known as Nerdfighters. Their goal – to increase awesome and decrease world suck. If you don’t know what a Nerdfighter is, please let John and Hank explain.

Creativity Inspires Creativity
The Green brothers started their video blogging in the early days of YouTube. It was an experiment to have 365 Days of textless communication. In one of his vlogs, Hank performed an original song about how anxious he was for the release of the the final Harry Potter Book. The video was featured on YouTube’s home page, and suddenly there was a steep increase in followers. The Harry Potter fans they attracted were  known for being smart, articulate, obsessive, creative, enthusiastic, and – well… nerds. The creativity of John and Hank has inspired many others to think of ways to use the digital world for the enrichment of mankind. One of the Nerfighters they got to  know and love –  a devout Harry Potter fan, Esther Earl, lost her battle with cancer at the age of 16. The community came together in support of Esther, and helped build a foundation to support families facing cancer. The results were… awesome.

A Community of Awesome
The Nerdfighter community continues to grow and use their nerdy powers for good rather than evil. Nerdfighters can be students, athletes, writers, artists, and anyone wanting to help the world be a little more awesome.  On the Nerdfighters website, they have a list of ongoing creative projects started by their community members.

The projects cover just about anything you can imagine. Some are for charitable causes, some are to share their creative talents, and others are to celebrate the nerd culture. If you are on YouTube and see “Awesome” as part of a title… you can guess where the inspiration came from. For the past few years, John and Hank have held their own Project for Awesome where YouTubers spend 2 days in December posting videos promoting their favorite carities and non-profit organizations.

The mantra of the Nerdfighters: “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.” It’s the gentle reminder they give each other to always be looking for ways to improve whatever they are doing. This can be through your business, your coworkers, your family,  your creative pursuits, and with every person you encounter that day.  D.F.T.B.A. is also one of the two rules of being a Nerdfihter. (The other one is don’t be mean.)

Here at crowdSPRING HQ, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the site. We are lucky to have a community that will reach out to us and share their ideas. They send us screenshots,  write us detailed feedback, and call us up to chat. We truly appreciate the time they take to help us improve. They also share their time and their talent in our crowdSPRING Gives Back projects. They add awesome to our lives every day.

How will you add awesome to the world today?