More than a Logo: 5 Additional Ways to Leverage the Crowd for Your Creative Needs



When we talk about crowdsourcing creative work, the primary focus of the conversation is frequently on graphic design, and, more specifically, logo design. In all fairness, that makes some sense. After all, that’s the concept that’s been part of the digital marketing narrative for the longest period of time.

But as time has gone on, additional opportunities to leverage the crowd for your creative needs have emerged. In a world where more and more content is required to feed the digital marketing beast, knowing your options in this arena can only help you grow and flourish.

What kinds of services are we talking about?

Company Naming

A rose by any other name might be as sweet, but the name of your company can serve as an initial sniff test for would-be customers or investors, making the process of naming your company an important one.

It can be the first impression generated for those encountering your brand. You want it to be memorable and in line with the tone you’re trying to set as an organization. You probably shouldn’t change it anytime soon once you launch, so you want your selection to be a durable¬†one.

Why not take it to the crowd? This might not be the most intuitive sort of crowdsourcing projects out there, but it is one of the most impactful, and with a decision as important as this, it can’t hurt to get a couple hundred suggestions in play before you make up your mind.

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Infographic Design

Did you know that infographics are three times more likely to be shared via social media than any other form of content? If you’re trying to get your message across in a compelling fashion, infographics get the job done.

Unfortunately, they can also be difficult to design. Crowdsourcing infographic design can give you multiple visualizations of data that support the argument you’re trying to advance, giving you your best shot at making a persuasive case to your audience.

Email Template Design

Email marketing has, time and time again, been proven an effective tool for driving traffic and conversions for your business. But email marketing has become increasingly difficult in a world where people’s inboxes are flooded and Google is relegating content they view as suspect to the netherworld of the Promotions tab.

It’s never been more important that your emails be effectively designed. It’s the best way to not only avoid the Twilight Zone of the inbox, but a great way to drive higher click-through rates. Crowdsourcing can be an excellent way to get innovative email template designs that do just that.

Mobile App Design

It’s not uncommon to view mobile app development as a package deal. You find someone to do the work, you give them your idea, you hope they come through. In some cases that might be enough, but in many cases the people you engage for such development are programmers by nature. There’s nothing wrong with that, but programmers don’t always have the expertise in user experience that a mobile app designer might have.

Crowdsourcing design once features have been determined is a way to make sure that your app doesn’t just work — it¬†wows.¬†Designers tend to have a better feel for how a user interacts with the functionality of an app or website, so their insights and suggestions can make all the difference in terms of behavioral statistics and user retention. Getting ideas from a slew of designers is even better.

Presentation Writing

There are a number of reasons you might need to speak in front of a crowd. Maybe you’re accepting an award. Maybe you’re giving an address at a conference. Whatever the reason, such events provide a major opportunity to wow individuals who could be future customers, allies, and evangelists. If you’re in a position to give such a speech, you probably aren’t terribly bad at it, but there’s certainly a noticeable difference between a good speech and a great speech, and most folks don’t have a ton of experience in the speechwriting department.

Crowdsourcing the drafting of your presentation can give you an edge in this sense. It might seem weird to be relying on people who don’t know you to help craft your words, but even the most lauded public speakers in recent history work with a team of speechwriters. Why shouldn’t you benefit from many minds as well?

And there are slew of other kinds of crowdsourcing projects you can explore, as well. Think outside the box! All the best people do.

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