We pushed a big ‘ol batch of code to the site last night and are totally excited about the raft of new features and enhancements (not to mention the fact that users can now create projects!).

We are aware that some of our bugs are showing and will be working hard to get those fixed as we approach our two critical milestones. The next big step for us is to invite into our closed Beta a large group of users who have been waiting patiently behind the velvet rope at the door to the site. We want to make sure that we have in place all of the features and enhancements that we have planned pre-launch and that everything is working, polished, and shiny for their arrival. Once they’re in we’ll take a few days to watch the system, see how it behaves under the additional stress and fix any issues that inevitably pop up.

Of course the ultimate milestone is our public launch. We anticipate that we will throw the doors open to the public in the next couple of weeks and are excited about that prospect. It has certainly been a long road for Ross and me and for the team and we are looking forward to the celebration.

The Forums are open for our Beta testers and we’d love to hear what you think and what we can do better. Come on in!