Masked Vigilantes, Punk Rock, Customer Service and Why Apples Turn Brown

Our customer service team has answered well over 100,000 questions from customers.

As our community has grown (crowdSPRING now has over 120,000 buyers and creatives on crowdSPRING, from nearly every country in the world), we sometimes receive unusual notes from customers. For example, last year, one customer wrote to us with the following opening line: “Hello whores.”

A few days ago, I found the following fun back-and-forth between Kevin, who heads our customer service team, and a customer. That’s a photo of Kevin on the left – it’s the only time in years he wore a dress shirt and a top hat!

The customer wrote for advice about inviting designers to her design project on crowdSPRING. Kevin promptly responded and the customer apparently was impressed:

The customer added:

Always ready for a challenge and perhaps thinking that he was working for ChaCha, Kevin called the customer’s bluff:

Those of you who know Kevin already know that he’s always up for having some fun. The fact that he didn’t quit when I challenged him to a Shakespearean Sonnet competition and questioned whether he really can play the banjo speaks volumes about his sense of humor.

I suspect Kevin thought the customer would end the back-and-forth at that point. But, that didn’t happen:

Apples? Not one to back down, Kevin politely offered his quasi-scientific views on the issue of apples turning brown:

Umm. Ok. But how are “masked vigilantes” and “punk rock” relevant to all of this?. Ah…you’re getting a bit ahead of me. The customer was amused…

That’s when we all learned about Kevin’s secret identity (among other things, he fights criminals who use the CAPS LOCK key):

Dale Cargenie said: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”

We’re so lucky to have an awesome team that can do great work and have lots of fun helping our customers…