How Marketing Velocity Can Help You Increase Sales and Revenue

I’ve previously talked about lean marketing – testing your ideas in small batches, listening to feedback, tweaking campaigns, and re-testing. There’s another important concept that complements lean marketing: marketing velocity.

Marketing velocity is the speed at which marketing efforts deliver measurable results.

Why should you care about marketing velocity?

The answer is deceptively simple: speed matters. Until you actually deploy your marketing tactics, you learn nothing. You can spend months strategizing, developing theories, creating collateral, etc. But real testing doesn’t begin until you actually market.

If your competitors are able to set their goals, develop strategies and deploy marketing campaigns at a faster velocity than you can muster, you will never be able to beat them in the market unless your strategies and tactics are materially better. Even if your strategies and tactics are better, you’ll still need to deploy them at a reasonable pace. After all, there are many good tools that allow marketers to track, measure and turn-around real-time insights about their marketing efforts. The best marketers can make adjustments and tweak their strategies in near real-time.

If your competitors are doing so and you’re not, you’re already falling behind. Ultimately, you need marketing that moves at the speed of ideas.

Here are three tips to help you improve your team’s marketing velocity:

1. Create a solid foundation for success.
2. Test in small batches.
3. Be prepared to change gears quickly.

Watch the video for more detail on these three tips and how you can implement them in your marketing strategy:

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