Listening. Listening some more. Acting on what we hear.

Last May, I wrote here that crowdSPRING values creativity. crowdSPRING values creative people.

We spend much time thinking about information and how it relates to our users and our larger community. Like other businesses, we look at data – activity in the projects, our revenues, feedback, etc. – but we also engage our community in discussions in our forums, on our blog, on Twitter, and on other social networks. We listen to our users to better understand how we’re doing and learn how we can be better.

We are committed to providing great value to buyers who come to crowdSPRING to get access to an incredible group of creatives from around the world. Back in May, we set what we thought were reasonable minimum prices for projects in all categories. Our hope was that “market pressure” and our community would together drive the actual awards that buyers offered on their projects. In late May, we made slight adjustments to those minimums.

Over the past eight months, we have been closely following the projects that are posted, the user interaction in those projects, and the creative participation in those projects. We look at how many entries are posted per project, how many creatives participate, and how many projects end successfully. We have also been listening to all of you: in our forums and through our Contact Us form, many of you have suggested that we consider increasing our minimum pricing, pointing out that low-price projects weaken our model and undervalue the work of our creatives. We hear you. Loud and clear.

As of today, we have raised the minimum awards for all projects. logo design, stationery design, banner ads, clothing, icons & buttons, illustrations, photo, PowerPoint, and widget projects will now have a minimum of $200 (the prior minimum was $150). Logo AND Stationery, and Print Design projects now have a minimum of $300 (the prior minimum was $250). Web design will have a minimum of $600 (the prior minimum was $400). Minimums in crowdSPRING Pro projects remain at $1,000.

Thank you so much for your great feedback, and thanks for making crowdSPRING such a great community.