laFraise vs. crowdSPRING

Calling all crowdSPRING creatives: We’ve teamed up with laFraise to host a t-shirt design project on their site for our community. The theme? “Creativity is….” (Would you expect anything less from a creative marketplace?) There’s quite the hefty reward involved for the top 3 entries, so keep reading for all the details…

Who is LaFraise?
laFraise is a European t-shirt website where designers submit their creative ideas, the crowd votes on its favorite, and ta-da! An excellent, exclusive t-shirt is born, and someone gets €1,000 richer. Obviously, it was love at first sight for us.

What is the project?
Give us the best design around the them of: “Creativity is _______”.

So what does creativity mean to you?

You can show us with typography, illustration, design – just show us (and show us real good)! Your design can be abstract or you can choose something concrete that represents creativity for you. We just want to see what creativity means to you, so have at it. Does creativity mean color and complexity or does creativity mean taming the chaos? Does creativity mean extravagant and ornate or does creativity mean simple and classic. Show us your answer and you’ll be rewarded handsomely!

What’s in it for me?
Not only will the top 3 entries receive an award of 1500 Euros each, but we’re also putting up 3 iPod Nanos that will be awarded to the top 3 entries. Keep in mind though that the project is only going to run from August 18th to September 1st, so quit reading and get going!!!

Enter the laFraise/crowdSPRING project here!