Iranian Revolution Project

Like many around the world, we at crowdSPRING have been watching the turmoil unfold in Iran. Eager to contribute, we’re hoping to help mobilize our community so that we, and those around us, can show their support through one of the best ways we know how: design.

Every revolution needs a unifying symbol. Iran’s citizens have bravely stood up to the repressive rule of the current regime, risking injury and life. Neda Salehi Soltani has become the worldwide face of Iran’s revolution when she was killed while watching a pro-democracy protest. Many others have been killed and injured during the ongoing demonstrations in Iran.

People around the world have come together to provide support and assistance to the citizens of Iran.

We here at crowdSPRING want to help by asking the world to create a common unifying symbol for this opposition that the world can give to the people of Iran and Iranians around the world.

We’ve asked our community to create a symbol/small illustration that can be used by people in Iran or around the world to show their support for the ongoing opposition in Iran, while keeping in mind to use the color green.  This color has become a rallying color for the demonstrations. We ultimately want a symbol that speaks to the bravery, hunger for democracy, and sacrifice of the Iranian people.

For its part, crowdSPRING is supplying the award and its marketplace to the world – the rest is up to you, our community of amazing designers.

This project ends at 11:59 pm on July 4th. July 4 is an important day in American history because it commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of democracy in America.

On July 6, we will invite the world to come and vote for their favorite designs and we will keep voting open until July 10.

We’ll be working with a small group of respected Iranians who, along with the world’s votes, will assist with the final selection of the winning design. This design will then be released into the public domain, under the broadest Creative Commons license, for all to use.

Visit this link to view entries or participate in the project.