Introducing crowdSPRING Pro

Today, we launch crowdSPRING Pro.

We launched crowdSPRING this past May in part to enable buyers to leverage a global network of creative talent. In our first 110 days, over 600 buyers from 30 countries have posted projects on crowdSPRING. But, we also understood that to build a successful creative marketplace, we would first need to develop a great creative community and in this we have been fortunate. Almost 6,000 creatives are working on crowdSPRING today. They speak more than 90 languages and come from over 130 countries. We are so proud to work with them.

Almost from the day we launched, many companies, brands, and advertising agencies have asked us if we can give them privacy features and greater control over projects. If you are an agency, you’re worried that your campaign may leak out before its time. If you are a brand, you’re worried that the competition may get a peek at what you’re up to.

With crowdSPRING Pro, those companies, brands and agencies that need more privacy and control can forever change the way they buy creative services. Now they too can fully leverage the global network of creative talent on crowdSPRING.

Here’s how crowdSPRING Pro works:

  • Minimums in all crowdSPRING Pro categories are $1,000.
  • Pro projects are automatically added to our robots exclusion list so that they are not profiled in search engines.
  • Creatives will see a public description of the project and must agree to a non-disclosure agreement before they are permitted to see the full project brief and materials.
  • Buyers will have powerful control features through a new “Settings” tab in all of their Pro projects.
  • Buyers have full control over access to their project. They can admit participants automatically after a non-disclosure agreement is signed or can decide on a case-by-case basis.
  • And once participants are admitted to a project, they can be removed by the buyer and added back at any time.
  • Buyers can decide whether creatives can see one another’s entries and comments (including the buyer’s comments to other creatives).
  • Pro projects can last up to 30 days.
  • And Pro projects will have all of the great features we offer in standard projects, including: customized legal agreements, full project management tools, robust notifications, great customer service, etc.

In a few days, we’ll roll out additional features for crowdSPRING Pro projects, including robust invitation functionality that will allow buyers to send instant invitations to projects to their contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and MSN.

In building crowdSPRING Pro, we made sure that the core principles that define crowdSPRING – choice, level playing field, and the protection of intellectual property, remain front and center. We are committed more than ever to helping companies around the world leverage crowdSPRING’s wonderful creative community. And we are committed more than ever to help our community find new clients around the world.

We believe that crowdSPRING Pro will disrupt the creative industry and change how it works. But don’t just take our word for it…stay tuned for more tomorrow.