Interview With crowdSPRING’s Tal Liron

We’re very lucky. We have a great community and an awesome team.  Meet one of our newest crowdSPRINGers – Tal.

Tal speaks more languages than we do, can twist his body into yoga positions (most of which look really dangerous – and unhealthy), and, without doubt, colors outside the lines.

Tal’s been writing software since age 4. He’s been a long-time contributor to open source and free software, and has written articles for JavaWorld magazine. Most recently, he’s launched Three Crickets, a software house specializing in scalable backend technologies. When he’s not coding, Tal works on completing his doctorate in cultural anthropology at the University of Chicago, getting his yoga teaching certification and self-producing his music. Other factoids: he speaks around nine languages, is a staff sergeant (now reserve) in the Israeli military, and has dreams about motorcycles and weather patterns.

Here’s my short video interview with Tal:

Interview With crowdSPRING’s Tal Liron from Ross Kimbarovsky on Vimeo.

Feel free to welcome Tal in the comments or to ask him questions about Indiana Jones, Mongolia, or … umm … hats.