Interview With crowdSPRING’s John Yang

We’re very lucky. We have a great community and an awesome team. Meet one of our newest crowdSPRINGers – John (one of our senior software engineers).

John is a true nomad. He came to the US from China at the age of 16, and while working towards his college degree, he enjoyed life and culture in Michigan, California, Utah, and Illinois. He eventually settled down and earned a computer science degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. While in school, he conducted research in GIS studies of archeology and animal diseases [This means we have both anthropology (Tal) and archeology (John) experience!].

When John’s not pushing the boundaries of technology, he enjoys playing guitar and working on his secret video game project. He also enjoys many sports such as basketball and swimming. His current life-goal is to beat Jerome in ping-pong. He’s improving – he’s already won a few matches against me.

Here’s my short video interview with John:

Feel free to welcome John in the comments or to ask him questions about creating video games, China, or archeology.