Interface Improvements: Updated buyer tools

Here at the crowdSPRING home office, we are constantly striving to improve our service. One way is to make our site easier and/or better for our users. Buyers (and creatives) are always giving us suggestions for new features or changes we can make to the tools we give them to manage their projects. Today we are launching 1 new feature and updating a few existing tools.

1) Batch scoring and feedback in project galleries.
Possibly the most important action a buyer can take in their project is to give feedback. Scoring entries and adding comments goes a long way to getting a design, name or content they’ll love. To make this easier we’ve added a way to score and comment on multiple entries at the same time. Buyers will now see an Advanced Tools button in their project gallery which will reveal the batch scoring and feedback buttons, as well as a blue corner flag over each entry which they can use to select multiple entries.


Once they click Batch Score Entries or Leave Batch Feedback, a dialog will pop-up showing the entries they selected, along with our standard star scoring input and a comment field. Upon Submit, the score and comment they’ve entered will be added to all of the selected entries. We hope this will not only make it easier for buyers to give feedback, but also be a big time saver.


2) Single entry scoring.
When a buyer visits their project, if they have new entries, we automatically show them a form for them to score and comment on those entries, one at a time. Previously, this form would pop-up and cover the gallery. We always felt this was a bit clunky, since they weren’t able to see the rest of the gallery, and as soon as they clicked Submit it was difficult to go back and change it later. In this revamped version, the scoring form now drops down below the newest entry, allowing the buyer to see the rest of the gallery while they score. The form also allows they buyer to submit the score and comment without automatically moving to the next entry, so they can easily change what they entered if they made a mistake or changed their mind. To help provide meaningful feedback we included a drop-down list of “quick comments” a buyer can use if they’re not sure what to say. As an added bonus we also display the other entries from the creative at the bottom of the form so the buyer can easily compare.


3) User profile quick view
In a project gallery or creative browse, when you click on a creative’s username we used to display a little box with limited profile info to give you a quick peek at the creative without leaving the page you’re on. We’ve redesigned that box, made it bigger, included more information, more portfolio items, and integrated more actions. Now buyers can view portfolio items, invite to their project, private message and add creatives to their contacts directly. And with location, specialization and reputation score included, buyers can get a better impression of the creative without having to click through to their full profile.


4) Entry table view in naming projects

Sorting through entries in a naming project just got a lot easier. We now show a drop-down in the gallery labelled “view”, which allows buyers to change the gallery layout from thumbnails to a table list so they can easily scan their entries and compare. This is just the first version and we hope to improve on it over the coming months.