Innovative Advertising – Adidas Football Statues

I was fortunate to be in the center of Milan, Italy (watching and then celebrating, with MANY Italians) on May 23, 2007 when AC Milan played Liverpool in the final of the 2006-2007 UEFA Champions League. As most of the world knows, the 2008 UEFA European Championships began this week (Italians were not as happy yesterday, but our friends from the Netherlands surely are celebrating today).

Football (as it’s known around the world – “soccer” as it’s known in the U.S.) is a huge market for Adidas. To advertise its shoes, Adidas has created a very unique advertisement in the main train station in Zurich, Switzerland. A 17 meter huddle of football players (a total of 11 players, from nine countries make up the circle) welcomes fans at the train station. It’s an impressive and unusual sight. I have read that 50 people worked on this display for more than one year.

To better appreciate the enormous display, you can view the entire display interactively here.