I Tried To Do Handstands For You…

So, as my final days are approaching at crowdSPRING (sniff), I’ve been deep in the trenches, looking for the perfect person to fill my Womens’ size 6 1/2 shoes, and although my feet aren’t very big, they are quite capable, spunky, and dedicated!

There’s a lot of excitement going on at cS central, and there were so many shining stars as far as Community Manager applicants are concerned. We received so many witty letters, creative pleas in the form of everything from cookies, beer kegs, board games and more!

In the upcoming days, I’ll be sharing with you some stellar applicants who any creative business really ought to consider hiring after their efforts, but until then, I’ll leave you this little morsel from Judson Collier, a 16 year old high school student from Jacksonville, Florida. You read that right – 16 years old. I originally found Judson via Twitter, and he started participating as a creative on crowdSPRING. He wanted in on the Community Manager action, and in order to get our attention, he created this super impressive video:

Stop-Motion App-uh-lu-cat-ion from Judson on Vimeo.

…and that, my friends, is the power of creativity combined with the internet and social media.