I can haz crowdSPRING Job?

What up?

Stu here and I am your new community marketing manager. (or the Angeline termed “Deputy of Awesome”) Although I will fail miserably if I try to do headstands for you. Nor am I nearly as cute as Angeline. However…I do have kick ass hair and I will do my best to fill Angeline’s likely very tiny (but kick ass) shoes, and wish her well over at her new gig Citysearch: “A Quest for Delicious”.

Starting this week (and weekend…I’m pretty addicted to SM) you’ll see me posting on the forum and the blog. I will also be taking over the crowdSPRING twitter feed (although…not gonna lie @stuartcfoster is still gonna get some love as well). I also have started the Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Deviant Art crowdSPRING accounts (oh and I’m kind of a big deal on Digg already).

Hugely excited to be in this position…especially considering I moved all the way across the country to hang out and talk with you guys. It’s been an interesting week to say the least. I come from Boston, the only place that rivals Chicago in coldness (except for maybe Antarctica). I arrived in Chicago yesterday with 2 suitcases (yes…my stuff was cheaper to replace then ship…) ready to kick ass and take names.

But…I also don’t know where anything is…thus far I know where O’Hare and crowdSPRING are…but little else.  So if you are local and want to hang out…hit me up. Looking at the peeps from 37signals ThreadlessThe PointPopdeckCameesa…oh and I also hear their was a certain Colonel hanging around? I preemptively challenge…and then guarantee a loss to you in ping pong.

Also…I’m literally salivating to talk with people about design, crowdSPRING and community…I’ve been in the world of Market Research for the past year. It’s going to be great to truly unleash my personality (and general ridiculousness) as your community manager (after suppressing it largely). Plus I get to wear flip-flops. (How freaking cool is that?)

As you will soon find out (by virtue of me being constantly online)  I’m kind of addicted to the internetz.  I run thelostjacket.com (a blog about SM…only interesting to huge marketing geeks like myself) and will always be able to talk via email, Gchat, phone…whatever. I will be all about hooking you up and helping you out. Want help with something? Hit me up.  Marketing Co-op? I’m there. Community Outreach? Want to launch an assault on the Mount Doom? I’m down. Learn how to fly a Comanche? So down.

Oh and I like to use ellipses and parentheses a lot… So get used to it. I may even throw down a footnote. English Majors ftw. Still a huge metrics nerd though.

PM me (Stuart on the forums) or Hit me up on cS Twitter asap. Oh…and I’m always down to do something ridiculous.