How to Find and Hire Highly Effective Employees

We’re fortunate to have built a great team at crowdSPRING.

What makes one employee highly effective and another average? For some of our job postings, crowdSPRING receives hundreds of resumes. How do we find the most effective people to join our team?

Contrary to the way most companies hire – we never hire the best candidate from a pool of candidates. We hire only when a candidate is the right fit for us. We’ve had hiring cycles where after reviewing hundreds of applications for a position, we elected not to hire anyone. We’ve also hired multiple people when looking for only a single hire. Ultimately, for us, it comes down to finding great people who we believe would be effective and who will make our team stronger.

When interviewing, I look for the following seven habits – every highly effective employee with whom I’ve worked (at crowdSPRING and elsewhere) possessed most of these habits:

1. Strong Self-Discipline
2. Welcome criticism
3. Embrace opportunities
4. Persistence
5. Decisiveness
6. Listen first
7. Know their limits

Watch the video for more detail on these seven habits and interview tips for identifying effective employees: