How to Design a Fantasy Football Team Logo

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The NFL season isn’t far away, which spells excitement if you play fantasy football.  But does your team logo inspire excitement? While your office colleagues might be excited about the team name, the logo is a powerful source of pride that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Picture your team sitting at your favorite wing bar, ready for the Fantasy Football draft. What symbol will you rally around? Will it look like a kid slapped it together in MS Paint, or will the other bar patrons give you a nod of approval when they see your team logo?

Here are some tips for creating a fantasy sports team logo that creates excitement and pride all season long. 

1. Think about where the team logo will be used. You likely want a logo that looks good on social media, so the details should be clean and recognizable even when the image is smaller. Try to avoid packing too much detail into a small space.

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2. Think of the colors that best represent your team. If you want to evoke certain emotions, use this guide to pick the perfect one. 

3. Do you want the emphasis on the wording of the team name, or is the symbol most important? If you have a clever name you want to highlight, you may want to design a typographic that is purely a design of your name (think of Google’s logo). If you’re not going to include the name in the logo, ensure the image communicates your team’s meaning when the name is not shown. 

4. Are you modeling this logo after a favorite professional sports team? A talented designer can take a logo you provide of your favorite team and keep the same style so that people will recognize the similarities between the logos. 



5. Team logos highlight the intensity and dynamics of your group. Get creative by building in an inside joke or some other form of mystery that lets the world know that you need to be an insider to understand. This is your team so get creative with it.   

Want to get your logo professionally designed? Choose from many logo submissions and work with the designers to fine-tune and create the perfect logo that makes your team look like a winner. 

Image Source: Madison Cypher

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