How Chatbots Can Help You Grow Revenue In Your Business

At every turn, companies and organizations are competing for our attention. How many of them actually get it? To fight against the white noise of impersonal marketing, companies are increasingly turning toward chatbots. For marketing professionals, this is an exciting way to reach their target audience. Who doesn’t love a memorable conversation? Building rapport with your customers helps generate brand loyalty, and that translates into revenue for you. That’s where chatbots come into play. Going where the (inter)action is Chatbots give you access to where your customers are: messaging apps. Over 2.5 billion people are using at least one chat based app, and they are outpacing the growth of the four largest social networks. “People are now spending more time in messaging apps than in social media and that is a huge turning point. Messaging apps are the platforms of the future and bots will be how their users access all sorts of services,” says Peter Rojas, Entrepreneur in Residence at Betaworks. It’s clear that taking advantage of these chat interfaces is the way of the marketing future. Image courtesy of Business Insider The number of people communicating via chat interfaces is astonishing:  Whatsapp boasted that they had 1.2 billion monthly active users as of January 2017, and as of July 2016, Facebook Messenger had 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Following this trend, companies are turning to chatbots to reach customers using something that feels very natural to them: conversation. “It’s more of a cultural shift,” says Mike Roberts, head of Messenger at Kik. “Users are now so used to chatting with their friends via SMS and messengers that they feel comfortable with that same interface delivering an app experience.” What does the bot say? It’s fitting, then, that chatbots are tiny apps that live inside messenger apps.   True to their name, chatbots talk to you in fun, personable ways–just like a real person. Poncho, for example, is a chatbot that lives in the Viber chat service. It dispenses weather and commuting information in a snappy, irreverent voice, offering gems like “I can’t promise your commute won’t suck, but forewarned is forearmed.” By listening to a person’s likes and dislikes, chatbots can inform your marketing strategy across all channels – from social media and email newsletters to print and radio ads. Chatbots aren’t just clever apps that are fun to talk to. They are also valuable marketing tools that can help customers find relevant products or services. Customers demand fast, personalized service, and chatbots make answering these demands easier.  “We’re trying to serve the customer in this more conversational way,” Matthew Sueoka, VP of digital partnerships and development at American Express, said in Adweek. There’s a bot for that Mark Zuckerberg is continuing with his plans to monetize Facebook by betting large on bots in Facebook’s Messenger platform. Major players like American Express and Burger King are taking notice, throwing their hats into the digital ring. Feeling a little cabin fever? Talking to American Express’s Facebook Messenger bot … Continue reading How Chatbots Can Help You Grow Revenue In Your Business