Granny is totally LOL’ing at you

Over the past several weeks, my middle-aged mom (don’t tell her I said that, she still considers herself VERY young) has been talking to me about Twitter, Facebook and blogs.  I kind of laughed it off for awhile until one day she forwarded me a link – and to my surprise is was HER OWN BLOG!  As you can see, it’s funny, clever and well-written.  How did this happen?  How does she even know what blogspot is?  I had no idea she even knew how to turn a computer on.  I was floored!  My mom has her own blog and I don’t?  When and, more importantly, how did she become so tech savvy?

As I go to these social networking seminars and meetings, I’m seeing more and more women and men of my mother’s age attending, soaking in information and even beginning to lead these discussions.  I realized I have been stereotyping the social media arena.  I’ve always looked at that area as the land of the millennials where 140 characters is king and if you don’t put an @ in front of everything you say and update your status every hour you’re so extinct in the communications world.  I thought if I ever hired a community manager/social media guru, it would be some kid right out of college.  Was I wrong?  Are these 50 and 60 somethings giving the Gossip Girl generation a run for their money?  And are they even a better bet because not only are they up to speed on social media, but most of them also have many years of business experience.

What do you think?  Are you a baby boomer who’s kicking butt on Twitter?  Are you a 20-something that’s annoyed with mom commenting on your photos on Facebook?  Are you seeing more and more generations across the board hopping online and participating in social media efforts for their business?  Stay tuned for the blogging mama drama…