Google Summer of Code 2011

Since 2005, Google has led a wonderful open source program called Summer of Code. The goal of that program is to promote open source software development.

Google invites open source organizations to propose ideas that could benefit the world, and asks the organizations to mentor students to develop these ideas and released them as FOSS (free and open source software).

When a student is selected for the program, they work during their summer vacation and receive $5000, a t-shirt, swag and a participation certificate from Google.

Google has run this program every year since 2005, and the results are stunning. Many projects are now used around the world, and  some projects have themselves become open source organizations.

To give you a better perspective about this wonderful effort, here’s an introductory video from one of the participating mentoring organizations for this year’s program:

And here’s a video from Chris DiBona, the manager for the program at Google, on the history and the impact Google’s Summer of Code has had on the open source community.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to ask in the comments below.