Small Business Tip: Get $100 AdWords Credit From Google

Google is giving away $100 million dollars in AdWords credits to small businesses that sign up for an AdWords account BEFORE December 31, 2010. Up to one million small businesses can sign up for this program.

If you sign up in the next two days, you’ll have until February 15, 2011 to spend $100 on AdWords advertising and then Google will give you a $100 credit to run more ads.

If you’ve been thinking about trying AdWords – this is a good opportunity to let Google pay for half of your trial. Realizing that AdWords can be intimidating for some small businesses, Google even offers a toll free number (800.898.1222) to help small businesses set up their first account.

You might also be interested to know that Google offers many outstanding resources for small business. Recently, Google has focused on making those resources easier for small business to use. For example, Google Boost allows small businesses to connect with potential customers using Google Adwords – by letting small businesses create advertising programs that do not need to be managed on an ongoing basis. Google also has programs that provide small businesses with free photo shoots of their business. And Google has made available a free and useful search engine optimization starter guide that every small business owner should read.