Good Old Fashioned Personal Branding

It seems these days that it’s almost impossible to stay alive as a new shark diving into an ocean of bigger sharks unless you’re Kanye West or Lady Gaga. As I thought about that I realized they had one thing in common, they had branded themselves, which seems to be the only way to get people to remember you these days in a world of DVR where commercials and other advertising are almost obsolete. Kanye West prides himself on his catchy music, his style, and those crazy glasses with the slits in the lenses (I mean seriously how can people even see out of them?) but it works! When people see those glasses they think Kanye West and then they get “Love Lockdown” stuck in their head so they buy his ringtone and when someone calls them the other people around hear it and get that song stuck in their head and it’s just a never-ending chain.

So when an NBA superstar posts a project on our site for personal branding wanting to be as known as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, it grabs my attention. Not only is that good for the player but it draws more focus to the team he plays for and for the whole NBA for that matter.

This is exactly what every small business should be doing and if you need help come knock on crowdSPRING’s door we’d be glad to help. No industry or person is too big or small for branding because, after all, if it weren’t for “773-202-beep beep beep beep LUNA” Chicago and surrounding areas may never have known where to get their carpets from.

I’ll be very interested to see what other celebrities will post on cS for some good old fashioned personal branding.

p.s. Sorry if Kanye or Lady Gaga are now stuck in your head… all the more reason to take branding into consideration!