Friday Fun Facts – Customer Service Requests

As a small business startup we spend a great deal of time looking at and analyzing data to help us drive strategy, make adjustments, and better understand our customers. We try hard to not be robotic in our response to numbers, but rather to let them inform our decisions and our direction. Here is the latest in a serial discussion of some of the data we look at internally…

Just back from South by Southwest a few days ago and boy am I excited to get back to some heart-pounding data! This week we’ll take a look at customer service requests. You know, these are the little notes you send to us when you click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page. With the arrival of Jaclyn (DBA ‘Snow White’) last week, Jerome thought it would be great to get a better handle on which days of the week are busiest. This was pretty easy to figure out. I created a table which contained the number of support requests we received per day over a three month period. From there Excel helped me to determine how many of the tickets were created on each day of the week. Take a look at the results:

Now Jerome is not a guy who is easily satisfied. Now that we had figured out which were the busiest days of the week for him, he wanted to know which were the busiest hours. The guy is relentless. This was a bit trickier. In order to do this I needed to look at the time stamp on every ticket that came in. To pull this data for a three month period was just too much (I do have other responsibilities, Jerome) so I cheated and gathered the data for the last two weeks only, knowing that this would be a large enough sample to give the French Guy the info he was after. Again, I created a table with columns for time stamps, ticket category, ticket number, and description. Turns out that almost 60% of all requests come in between 1PM and 10PM GMT (7AM and 4PM Chicago time – business hours, how convenient):

Alright, Jerome – let’s make it interesting. What are the busiest hours for Bugs reports? Here ya go – more than 60% of these between the hours of 3PM and 8PM GMT:

What about reports of IP violations? Easy. 60% come in between 12PM and 10PM GMT:

And finally, when do our users think up great ideas for ways to make crowdSPRING better? Here’s the distribution for Suggestions, with around 65% sent to us between 1PM and 11PM GMT:

I hope the French Guy is happy and I hope that Jaclyn can be available to help with the coverage so we can maintain our reputation for speedy response times. Jerome? Happy now?