Five Ways Students Going Back to School Can Leverage Crowdsourcing

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It’s the end of August, which means fresh faced students from around the country are heading back to their dorms and lockers for another year of learning. Part of that learning process takes place outside of the classroom, though, in the context of extracurricular activities. And within those activities students will encounter a myriad of unique challenges.

Challenges that crowdsourcing can help them tackle.

  • Boost membership with a well designed flyer for your first meeting. Everyone else is going to be using templates they found in Google Docs or Word, or worse yet, slapping a random graphic in the middle of some text and calling it a day. Make sure your recruitment flyer stands out on the bulletin board with a print design project!
  • Have you taken a look at your logo recently? Does it look like it was designed when you were still in diapers? It might be time for a refresh. Logo design projects are a great way to get a ton of creative suggestions for a new and improved image.
  • While you’re at it, take a look at your website. Folks researching your group will be looking at it, and you want to make sure you’re making a good impression while providing easily accessible information about how wonderful your organization really is. Make sure it looks like it was designed in this decade. If not, you might want to check out a web design project to get a good number of potential layouts.
  • Throwing a back to school mixer? Emailing literally everyone on campus to make sure it’s a hit? You’re going to need a smashing email template design then! Running an email design project can give you an array of designs to pick from that won’t look like Mailchimp stock.
  • Group t-shirts are sort of a must-have for school organizations. There’s a law about that somewhere, right? If you don’t want yours to end up in the giveaway pile or being used as a cleaning rag in a few years, invest in a killer t-shirt design. Launching a t-shirt design contest will not only bring out a bunch of very cool ideas, but can be used as a teambuilding activity, with group members submitting their own visions for consideration.

And that’s just the start. To be clear, we do not advise using crowdsourcing to complete your term papers. But if you need some creative oomph for your favorite extracurricular group, crowdsourcing could be just what you need.

Image Source: University of Guelph

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