Five Tips To Help You Brand Your Law Firm or Law Practice

For decades, law firm branding in the United States was simple: take the last names of the key equity partners, pick a font, and you have a name, logo and a brand. Such  simplicity has one very important drawback – it’s ineffective.

Many law firms and lawyers believe that branding is optional. That’s not quite right. Whether you want to or not – you have a brand. Your brand impacts everything you do. In fact, although clients typically hire individual attorneys, the law firm’s brand is the second most important reason clients retain particular legal counsel.

Big firms spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (and over time, millions, to craft their brands). Smaller law firms and solo practitioners can’t afford to invest so much into branding. The good news is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to have a great legal brand.

I was a trial attorney for 13 years (initially an associate and then a partner at two Chicago firms). I didn’t just believe branding was important – branding was the reason I left my legal practice in 2007 to start crowdSPRING (more about that in the video below). Since then, crowdSPRING, with 200,000 designers and writers, has helped law firms and lawyers in the U.S. and around the world with logo design, web design, and other graphic design needs.

In the short video that follows, I offer five tips to help you brand you law firm or practice. Investing in your legal brand today will pay dividends later.

Ready to invest in your legal brand? It’s not as expensive as you think! Many law firms and lawyers have turned to crowdSPRING to create professional, unique brands for as little as $199. crowdSPRING’s Logo Design Service offers a step-by-step creative brief that helps you outline your firm’s needs and allows you to select from over 100 entries on average.