Exploring Chicago…and FUTON!!!

Well…I’ve been here about a week and a half now here in the lovely (and miserably cold) city of Chicago. I’ve had some trials and tribulations…basically revolving around the wonderfulness that taking two suitcases out to a city and moving into an apartment entails (I’m not including pictures yet…because well it’s hilariously bare).

This weekend I checked out Sonoteque w/ @the_french_guy djing…and learned that Chicago people don’t really like cold very much…random. I’ve been repeatedly ridiculed for my choice of wearing a Northface coat. In Boston that was what everyone wore…here everyone just thinks I’m insane (a fair point). Oh…and I got a magic super duper totally awesome futon…yeah…it kind of kicks the crap out of an air mattress (or floor).

I’ve been workin’ my butt off @ crowdSPRING to bring you guys and gals awesome content…meaningful insight and the occasional hard hitting marketing/social media piece. (But I think my interesting links have gotten more traction to be honest…) But if there is any content you would like to see more of (be it on the blog, forum, amongst my tweets, Facebook, or now LinkedIN let me know!

I’ve definitely been meeting tons of cool peeps w/ Twitter and now Facebook and forming some pretty cool friendships. I still know like 10 people in Chicago…so hey if you want to connect and do something…I’m beyond down. (OH and I’m not afraid of cold)

Sad the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. Come on the Pats beat them 47-7 four weeks ago.