Help Guy Kawasaki Pick The Cover For His Next Book

Guy Kawasaki recently asked the creative community at crowdSPRING (70,000 designers and writers from over 175 countries) to help design a new cover for his upcoming book – Enchantment: The Art of Changing Heart, Minds and Actions.

246 designers from around the world submitted a total of 760 designs. Guy has narrowed the choices down to his top 5 favorite designs and is now asking you to help him decide which design to put on the cover of his book.

For those who don’t know Guy, he is a co-founder of Alltop, a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures (an early-stage venture capital firm) and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. Guy has authored nine books including: Reality Check, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way.

You can only vote for one design and there is one vote per IP address (you do not need to register to vote). Feel free to leave comments or questions for Guy in the comment section below.

  • ramdan

    the butterfly cover looks simple but very cool..

  • Arief

    great!! the butterfly looks very nice with red background in the middle. simpleness makes it better.

  • Yeah – I hear you Marc. Highly unlikely that any of these covers will be the *final* one anyway. This is a tactic to boost interest, buzz & get exposure for the book.

  • This one is MASSIVELY attractive: Would have me reaching for it on a bookshelf far faster than any of the black covered ones. To me, it’s the most professional looking of all the covers. I REALLY love it, Guy!

  • Can’t wait to get your new book. It seems change is whats most needed nowadays and what better time to release a book about it? (when will it be out actually?)

    That aside, here’s my two cents:
    i must say that my three favorites are the butterfly, ribbon, and the hands/heart. The hands/heart is unique but really fails on the background color tone. The ribbon is a beautifully simple design but only conveys one of the titles aspects (heart). So my choice goes to the butterfly although too simple, but i feel really conveys the title message as a butterfly is a good symbol of change (metamorphosis).

    Hope it helps!

  • Longtime Observer

    Agree with you about ‘lack of soul’ in this current crop (and surprised because that does not fit the gist of Guy I otherwise see online). Also love the origami above. But the specifics of which others are better (and many in the gallery were) is less an issue to me than puzzlement that the short list keeps getting narrowed to a set of un-exciting options.

  • KC

    Great design. Sorry you weren’t able to submit it.

  • Jane

    Eye catching, universal ideogram, simple, plus I love RED!

  • Soup2Nuts

    Perhaps I am missing the point because I have not read the book but it would seem that a book about “Enchantment” needs a cover that is enchanting in some way. That goes double for such a multi-faceted author.

    But instead It appears that none of the more creative CrowdSpring options made the final cut. Nothing on this short list is ugly or awful, just boring and predictable. The whole set strikes me as if picked (no offense) by a committee of CPAs who wanted to play it safe.

    For me, all of these yielded a yawn, not an itch to read. But we all love ya’ Guy anyway.

  • Jamie Favreau

    I vote for the red one with the butterfly. I just like it a lot plus red is my favorite color.

  • Foy

    I love the red cover with blue butterfly..
    great color composition !!! so simple and awesome

  • Steven

    Colorful Flower Petals is my first choice.

  • tien

    The ribbon heart look different because All CAPS ( ignore Guy Criteria)

  • Elaine Williams


    Seriously think about including this design. Of all the ones above, none evoke my emotions like this one !!!!

  • Nandya Gustinufariza

    I really love the red ones with butterfly. The simplicity makes it looks elegant.

  • Love it:)

  • KP

    None of the above.

    Predictably mediocre crowdsourced work.

  • Shezebelle

    Frankly, I don’t like any of them. The “Art of the Start” cover was terrific and nicely conveyed the excitement of the beginnings of *anything* — but these covers are all ill-conceived and poorly executed. None of them pique my interest in the book in the slightest. Because they are all superficial, title-related concepts, it leads me to doubt there’s any depth to the content of the book. Meh.

  • Blaisem

    I like this one best, too, but voted for the heart ribbon of the votable entries. Really too bad you weren’t able to submit your entry.

  • Lizramli

    I don’t really like any of them. The butterfly idea is nice but the execution sucks. I like the heart ribbon idea but I don’t find that it has done enough to project change, which is what the book appears to be about. Maybe played with the ribbon to form the “E” and the “t” in “Enchantment” and linked it to the heart….I don’t know…
    I voted for the ribbon anyway.

  • Waliaanuj1990

    none , though i submitted a design but many other designs were great than mine , i think u have a lot better options on the design gallary …
    okay if option is limited to these only den i would say entry no. 34

    Napster 26

  • Scottlerman

    I think you should pay all the designers who have worked on you book cover design.

  • guest

    All these are extremely boring and make no connection to the word enchantment, nor do any of them give me any insight to what the book is about. If you’re looking for dull, safe, centered and boring, you found it in any one of the ones above! zzzzzz

  • guest

    I actually really like your origami cover, because unlike the samples shown above, there is actually INTERACTION between two forms! Exciting!

    Even better, it’s easily recognizable forms of a humming bird and a hibiscus. The relationship between the bird and flower start to form a story when paired with the word “enchantment” so now we have a little something going on.

    Origami is, for anyone who has tried it, a very time consuming, detail oriented, labor of love. In and of itself, it IS enchanting, when properly executed. So the media of your design is an analogy to the word enchantment.

    Multiple layers of meaning and design, OH MY!

    If I were to improve on your design, I would not have chose yellow as a paper choice. Being bright and wonderful, it’s great, but that particular and consistent shade makes me think of post-it-notes, and that sort of cheapens the effect of the design. If it were made of various shades of yellow, or if the bird were in all green and the flower were orange… it needs not a lot, but just that little bit more that would come from the extra bit depth that more or different colors would have created.

    Good job, though, really nice!

  • I voted for the flower with multi-colored petals it is enchanting, but I really like Em’s entry with the origami. The heart and hands would make a great logo for United Way or American Heart Assoc. but its scale is off for a book cover and the gray background is boring, this is not enchanting. I like the type treatment on the blue butterfly, but not the typeface, also, it looks cramped. Out of 780 design options I’m amazed at the lack of imagination in most of the entries. Guy is such a recognized and respected guru that I’m wondering why his picture is not included in any of the entries?

  • davebowman

    Hey KP – If you’d spend 5 minutes looking at some of the quality of creatives’ work here, you’d want to take back your rude and arrogant comment. I’d like to reply to your comment with my opinion of you, but I’d risk violating the professionalism policy here on Crowdspring. Let’s suffice to say that you don’t have the FAINTEST clue about Crowdsourcing, and the people on both sides (buyers and designers) that it benefits every day of the year.

  • Athenabelle

    i just google images: ‘ heart hand shake’ and, ho! surprise!:

  • Ninjastyle

    Love the hands/heart cover: nice & clean & great metaphor!
    The BG should be altered though, as it looks cold and metallic now.
    The others look a bit like ‘learn photoshop-books’ and the heart-cover like a dating-themed book 🙂

  • I like yours a lot. I really don’t like any of the ones to be voted on.

  • not_enchanted

    I am not enchanted by the five finalists. Three of them do nothing for me:

    – The red ribbon makes me think that the book may be a love story.
    – The heart/hand graphic makes me think of the United Way.
    – The cover with the daisy and color blocks behind the text won’t stand out in a bookstore.

    Out of the two remaining designs, I would reluctantly have to go with the colorful flower with dew drops. I saw other designs from your contest that I liked better. Good luck with the new book.

  • Wbr

    too bad the heart/hand is a stolen piece of art.

  • em

    Oh, I am embarrassed. I submitted this comment with a link waay back in the beginning. I thought because of the link it would not post. After which, I was very grateful that I did get a response via email, that it was not the style they were going for. Totally understandable, especially since I saw the selected final group. At least I have a new portfolio piece that I like 🙂 In the end too, I was seeing the butterfly cover match reality check… a consistent color theme going? Loved that book, looking forward to reading this one.

  • i like butterfly.

    butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis,
    it means the growing of physical, mind, soul,

    i think it very compatible with the book title,
    Enchantment : the art of changing heart, minds, and actions

  • chuckdee

    these are all utterly amateurish cliches … none of them communicate the slightest sense of enchantment or magic

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  • Mike

    cliches are the worst, but it seems to be what people go to first.

  • eagleseye

    wow, second place so close 🙂