10 Best Practices For Email Marketing For Small Business and Startups


Marketers are seeing an alarming trend. Although 122 billion emails are sent every hour, a large and growing percentage of emails are never read. This is not surprising – most marketing emails are simply pure spam without any creative or substantive value. Even worse, really bad marketing emails can easily destroy a company’s reputation and annoy even the most loyal customers.

How can you get your customers and prospects to open your email? What can you do to help ensure that your email campaigns don’t anger loyal customers?

We’ve previously written about Email Design Best Practices for Small Businesses and Startups and Small Business Marketing: Best Times and Days To Send Email For Opens and Click-Throughs.

We have another resource to share with you. MadisonLogic  created the following useful infographic, highlighting 10 email marketing best practices. How many of these best practices are you using today?