Launch is elusive. Launch is a moving target. Launch is a slippery fish that you can’t seem to get hold of.

We invited our last large group of users into Beta at the end of last week and so far so good. Not too many reports of bugs and not too many complaints about missing features. We have a some nice new projects posted, including a great web design project for CacheFly (another Chicago-based tech company!) and lots of new Creatives are submitting their entries. The projects look great and the Buyers are thrilled.

In film production (where I come from) there is a long pre-production process of scheduling, re-writing, casting, building sets, etc. But there always comes that point when you have to stop prepping and start shooting the film. Just go. Get moving. Roll it and make something great. Same for crowdSPRING – let’s get it out there and see what happens.

Stay tuned….