crowdSPRING is an unusual way of sourcing creative services. We are working to create a new model, one that seeks to deconstruct and disrupt the traditional process and showcase the talents of an under-served, underdog community of creatives. In addition to the many experienced, highly trained professionals that populate our site, we are proud that many of our users also come from non-traditional backgrounds: they are students, janitors, stay-home moms and dads, hobbyists, retirees. Just folks who have a creative urge and love to participate

Lots of other businesses and groups are popping up that also want to help these folks. There are tons of sites, user groups, and businesses devoted to featuring their own teams of non-traditionals. There are Mompreneurs, crowdpreneurs, meetup.com groups – all sorts of great ways to hook into this trend. Our new friend Shannon Davis has a great web-based business called Beyond Motherhood (www.beyondmotherhood.com). She is building a database of moms who are ready to get back in the work force on their own terms and allowing employers to leverage her users. Sweet.

Shannon provided this list of sites and user groups of others toiling to help their own under-served audiences:

  • http://biznik.com/
  • http://www.perfectbusiness.com
  • www.themompreneur.com (Canadian site…but I think they are looking to expand to the US)
  • meetup.com ( search for mompreneur and entrepreneur meetups and contact the organizers….ask them to mention your site as a resource to their members)
  • http://www.startupnation.com/
  • http://www.elientrepreneur.com/
  • tap into the numerous groups on ning.com ( mommy millionaire, entrepreneur groups, small business etc.)
  • https://www.ideacrossing.org/