Design for skaters

My 13 year old son is an avid skateboarder and talented young artist. Between those two activities he typically burns about 75% of his free time. I recently found a site that he has fallen in love with, because it has found a way to bring those two activities together for him. is the Threadless of the skating world. On Popdeck anyone can submit a graphic design for a skateboard, have the community vote on it and Popdeck will produce a numbered, limited-edition run of the highest rated design, which anyone can buy through their site. The winning designer receives a cash award and one sample his or her skateboard. Pretty cool on lots of levels.

For one thing the Popdeck folks recognize that there are LOTS of talented creative people out there who just love practicing their art and letting their creativity flow. Popdeck also provides a level playing field. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a 13 year old skater/artist or a 30 year old professional graphic artist. What matters is how good your idea is and how the community responds to it.

One other note: Popdeck, like Threadless, is based in Chicago. We’re beginning to think maybe there is something in the Lake Michigan water..

Cool design on Popdeck