Small Business and Startups: The First Ever crowdSPRING Quiz!

Now that the 4th of July party is over and we begin the official summer months, many businesses large and small will experience a slowdown in sales, traffic, and customer engagement. Why? Because it’s vacation time, stupid. Because you’ve got a bit of extra time on your hands, I imagine you’ve probably been asking yourself, “What can I do for fun at the beach today?” Well have I got the answer for you: a small biz-quiz! I thought a great way to celebrate the doldrums of summer would be to test your business knowledge and social media acumen, so I put together a litte test . Feel free to share it with your colleagues and see who comes out on top!

Before you begin, I must insist that you first swear an oath (or at least pinky-swear) that you will not Google, Bing, Yahoo,, blekko, Lyco, Wolfram, or any other form of looking up the answers. Post your answers to the crowdSPRING Facebook page and the winner will receive, um, something; I haven’t quite thought that through yet, but believe me it will be good! (Note: I’ll publish the answers in my next blog post.)

So, withut further ado, I give you the first cS Summertime SMB Quiz!

1. Which of the following customer service channels do 46% of your customers expect you to provide? 
a) Email support
b) Phone support
c) Personal visit to their home
d) Facebook support
e) Live chat feature

2. What is the best way to improve personal productivity?
a) Make lists
b) Break down large tasks into smaller ones
c) Don’t hit the snooze button
d) Avoid cat videos on the Internet
e) All of the above

3. What is the percentage of small businesses without a website? 50% nationally
a) 5%
b) 15%
c) 68%
d) 50%
e) 90%

4. How many hours per day did Gary Vaynerchuk spend on the Internet when working to grow his family’s wine business?
a) 12
b) 1
c) 23
d) 6
e) 9

5. By how much did Gary increase the family revenues that first year?
a) $1 million to $1.2 million
b) $400,000 to $5 million
c) $4 million to $50 million
d) $50 million to $60 million
e) $300 million to $301 million

6. How many employees must a small business have before Obamacare requires health plans be provided?
a) 35
b) 10
c) 2
d) 50
e) 100

7. 34 million Americans worked from home last year. What was their chief reason for doing so?
a) Work in your Pajamas
b) Take care of your kids/family
c) Watch cat videos with no one to bother you
d) Save on your commuting costs
e) Improve your job satisfaction

8. According to Wikipedia, if Facebook were an actual country it would be the 3rd largest by population. What assets does the Facebook Nation possess?
a) More farms than any nation on earth (server-farms, that is)
b) A standing army over 600,000 strong
c) Abundant industrial development, including mining of rare earth metals
d) A GNP of $5.1 billion
e) A population of 3.2 billion citizens

9. What is the #1 activity on the web today?
a) Cat videos
b) eCommerce
c) Pornography
d) Social Media
e) All of the above (4-way tie)

10. By 2014, the mobile internet is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage. Which of the following was true of mobile usage in 2012?
a) 37% of consumers bought something via mobile social media
b) 1 out of 5 consumers used smartphones to shop online
c) Worldwide mobile payment transactions were over $170 billion
d) 9.2% of all mobile spend was for subscriptions to cat video sites
e) All of the above

Illustration, “Shoulder joint anatomy quiz” via Wikimedia