crowdSPRING Lolcats

If you have no clue as to what an “Lolcat” is, then you have probably never been bored and on the internet. Made popular by websites such as I Can Has Cheezburger?, these grammatically incorrect and sassy felines have invaded monitors worldwide with their silliness. These Lolcats are so rampant among the internet that The Wall Street Journal even wrote about the phenomenon last year.

But more importantly, our ever-so-devoted UI Developer Chris Detmer created some Lolcats specific to crowdSPRING. As you can see, Chris has his priorities straight in the workplace, and that is to increase the presence of cats and silliness in our office. My two favorites are the ones that call out our Senior Software Engineer Chad + co-Founder Ross. I have no clue why he’s kept these hidden on his hard drive for so long, but now, the cats are out of the bag, and here they are for your personal enjoyment!