crowdSPRING Celebrates Shakespearean Sonnet Day

Can you believe that our last Shakespearean sonnet day was in November 2009? This is partly because until now, everyone was afraid to challenge Kevin, our customer service guru and reigning Shakespearean sonnet champion.

If you’re wondering what Shakespearean sonnet day is – we made it up. We read Shakespearean sonnets to celebrate … umm … Shakespearean sonnets.

In the first ever event, Kevin handily defeated all challengers and then boasted about his prowess nonstop for months. In his first title defense, Kevin narrowly beat Jeff.

Has Kevin finally met his match or will he retain his world title with his twist on the traditional reading of Shakespearean sonnets?

The competition took place yesterday at crowdSPRING. The challenger: Amanda (a student at Columbia helping crowdSPRING with marketing and PR). The champion: Kevin.

YOU are the judge. Who wins this one? Please leave a note in the comments…